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27 Rushmore Dr
Greenville, SC, 29615
United States


As a Greenville-based bakery, we incorporate the culture and flavor of the South into our mixtures to create "our little piece of heaven" for you. Over the past few years our selection has added Gluten-free, sugar-free, and even Paleo "approved" varieties to become a sought after assortment of quality made-from-scratch baked goods from all the locals and those who wish they were. We shipping anywhere in the continental US so you can feel like a local and enjoy Banana Manna in your hometown. Perfect for a cup of coffee with a friend or a gift for your client. These premium loaves are sure to add a little shine to your halo. 



Quality ingredients paired with delicious family recipes is what makes these loaves our little piece of heaven. We take extra care in sealing in the freshness in and we ship loaves baked on the day they are ordered. So you can enjoy a perfect piece of heaven, with each delivery. Share with family, neighbors, and even clients. We offer gift packaging with custom messaging to make your life sweet and simple. 


41 Sugar Free Banana Bread detail.jpg
41 Sugar Free Banana Bread detail.jpg



These delicious yet guilt-free breads are packed with all the great taste and ingredients of our other banana breads but the sugar is substituted with Xylitol, a sweetener derived from plums, birch wood ships, strawberries, and corn  which is safe for diabetics and hypoclemics. Just as sweet as table sugar but 1/3 of the calories. Apart from its sweetening ability, Xylitol is becoming well known today for its role in fighting infections and tooth decay. Xylitol will not elevate your A1C count. So go ahead, indulge!

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